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Canton DUI Lawyer

Your First Call after a DUI Arrest in Canton, Georgia

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If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with drunk driving, drug-impaired driving, or another criminal traffic offense in Canton, your first call should be to the Sherman Law Group.

A Canton DUI attorney at the firm can speak to you about your situation in a free, initial consultation, giving you the information and legal support you need in the face of misdemeanor or felony DUI charges.

Don't mistake the fact that a DUI or related offense is taken very seriously by law enforcement and state prosecutors. You face a potential jail or prison sentence, steep fines, court costs, driver's license suspension, possible community service, alcohol evaluation and treatment program, probation, and a future with a permanent criminal record.

Our Approach to Your DUI Charge

A Canton DUI lawyer at our firm is a legal professional who has focused on all types of DUI cases for years and has an extensive legal background. We know what to do in DUI defense cases and have the experience, skills, and legal relationships to make a difference in how your situation unfolds and in its ultimate resolution. We thoroughly investigate the evidence against you, seeking flaws and inconsistencies which can often lead to reduced charges or even case dismissals. We need to be on the job immediately, however, to give your case the detailed attention and thoroughness it deserves.

Defense that You Can Trust!

There are many defenses that we could use on your behalf that are specific to DUI testing. In addition to defenses that are directly related to DUI charges, our lawyers may also be able to prove that the officer did not have any justification for pulling you over or failed to read you the Miranda rights.

    The officer administered your test improperly if:

    • Your blood alcohol content rose after the point at which you were arrested.
    • The DUI signs you exhibited were a result of other factors.
    • The machine was not working properly.
    • External factors such as weather or atmosphere affected your test.
    • The officer administered a non-standardized test.

    Representing DUI Cases of All Types

    As your Canton DUI attorney, we represent clients in every type of case imaginable, including the following:

    We also handle -other matters involving criminal defense, so don't delay – call us today to see what we can do for you. Contact a Canton DUI lawyer for a capable and aggressive legal defense today.

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