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Were you arrested for DUI?

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When an individual gets arrested for DUI, their future is at stake. It is very important that a person in this dangerous situation hires a Dunwoody DUI attorney as fast as they can. This way, we can start building a defense on their behalf.

Here at Sherman Law Group, we are proud to have have over 50 years of collective experience in this field. We have been providing excellent legal representation to our clients for almost four decades, and are very dedicated to obtaining results. Each client and their case is something we take very seriously and approach aggressively.

Why You Should Turn to Sherman Law Group

Our goal is to defend your charges and to achieve a positive outcome that our client is happy with. We have represented all kinds of different DUI cases over the many years we have been in practice. Our range of experience is very wide, and we have definitely seen all the different things that can occur.

Something else that we have extensive experience in is whether or not you will lose your license and what the penalties will be in your case. We are highly experienced in the field of criminal defense, which enables us to effectively defend you. We are former Assistant County Attorneys, and because of this, we have had very thorough experience in understanding the prosecuting attorney’s tactics are in their pursuit of a conviction. This actively helps us to use those weaknesses in their case to the benefit of our clients.

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We understand the detrimental effects of having a DUI conviction on your record, as well as other consequences such as a suspended license and not being able to hold certain jobs. You will want to take measures to prevent this mark on your record. A DUI conviction on your record will further affect your insurance rates and create other problems for you in the future.

If you have been charged with a DUI offense, contact a Dunwoody DUI attorney.

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