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Forsyth County DUI Attorney

DUI Arrest and What You Can Do in Forsyth County

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When you have been arrested for DUI, your future may be the first thing on your mind. We understand this, and that’s why getting in touch with a Forsyth County DUI attorney as fast as possible is a wise choice. We will start working on your side and building a defense for you right away.

The Benefits of Working with Sherman Law Group

Among the lawyers here at the Sherman Law Group, we have almost forty years of combined experience. We are very proud to have been providing excellent legal care to our clients for the past four decades. The clients that we work with and their individual cases are not something that we look at lightly.

We understand the repercussions of a DUI arrest, and work to make your life less stressful, while defending your case. Our team works to do this by providing the legal representation needed to have a successful result in a DUI case. We consider it a very important goal of our firm to work persistently for our client and at the end, obtain an outcome that our client is pleased with. We approach this goal by providing proficient legal care and defending their charges.

Our DUI Defense Experience

We have stacked up much experience throughout the decades we have been practicing, and this experience has been with many different sorts of DUI cases. Our team has seen the different outcomes that come from the cases, and are very confident in our knowledge of the way the process works.

Of the different kinds of DUI cases we have handled, here are some of the most common:

Whether or not you will lose your license is another topic that we have dealt with extensively. We are very experienced in the field of criminal defense, and this gives us the proficiently to be able to have a strong defense on your behalf. Another thing that helps us to do that is that we are former Assistant County Attorneys. What this has done for us is allow us to understand thoroughly the prosecuting attorney’s tactics. Since we understand their tactics, we use this information to defend you more efficiently.

Forsyth County DUI Lawyer

The consequences of having the mark of a DUI conviction on your record vary from case to case. Sometimes it means a suspended license, higher insurance rates, and even being barred from holding certain jobs.

If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI offense, contact a Forsyth County DUI attorney today!

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