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Johns Creek DUI Attorney

Have you been arrested for DUI?

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When you have been arrested for DUI, it is important to your future that you hire a Johns Creek DUI attorney as immediately as you can, so that we can start building a defense in your case.

Our team at the Sherman Law Group is very proud to have over 50 years of combined experience in the field and in providing extraordinary legal care to all of our clients. We take each case seriously and work aggressively to defend your charges and have a successful outcome.

Comprehensive DUI Defense

Our firm has represented clients in many different kinds of DUI cases, and we have a very wide range of experience. Something else that we have experience in is determining whether or not you will lose your license and what the penalties will be.

We work to build a strong defense on your behalf, and strive to obtain the best results we can. We are highly experienced in the field of criminal defense. This enables us to help defend you. As former Assistant County Attorneys, we have had very substantial experience in understanding what the prosecution’s tactics are in pursuing a conviction. This has helped us to use the weaknesses in their case to our benefit.

DUI Attorney in Johns Creek

To have a successful future, you will want to do everything you can to avoid the consequences of a DUI conviction. Besides the immediate consequences that you will suffer from the conviction, such as community services, a suspended license, and a large fine, you will have the black mark of a DUI conviction on your official record. A DUI conviction on your record will prevent you from being able to hold certain jobs, will affect your insurance rates, and create other problems for you in the future.

If you have been arrested or charged with a DUI offense, contact a Johns Creek lawyer.

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