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Benefit from the Experience of Attorneys Bill and Valerie Sherman Former Assistant Attorney General, Assistant County Attorneys and Magistrate Judge


What Our Clients are Saying
  • Great
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    “Happy to write a review, as you are my favorite lawyers ever. Just a word, really, to say how grateful I am that your firm represented me. I was impressed from the outset by the quality of the work and the attention I received. But first and foremost you are all wonderful people, and that means the world to me and my wife.”

    Doug Maxwell, Jr.

  • Very Pleased With Your Work, and Good People
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    I would just like to thank you so much for helping my autistic daughter - your whole team went above and beyond what I thought was even possible! I am so happy I can't even think of the words to fully express myself. 

    And I can say that you are also blessed people and I am the luckiest person in the world to have met you.

    Monique Galsworthy

  • Brilliant Attorneys
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    “I must add that I think you are the perfect law firm. I am so happy you took my daughter's case and helped her so very much. I know she can be difficult sometimes, but she's all I have. I shall always be grateful and I will never even think about using another attorney. You all are first-rate in every way. I was enormously impressed and happy with everyone at the Sherman Law Group.”

    Ingrid Pierce

  • Impressed!
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    “Great job and well done and thanks!”


  • Thankful & Blessed by the Shermans
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    “I am truly thankful and blessed to have such wonderful lawyers on my side. Could not have done it with you all helping me and guiding me and doing what you do so well. You get my highest recommendation always and forever - A++++++++”

    Brittany Beck

  • They Are the All-Time Best
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    “Just really happy and blessed the Sherman Law Group took my case and did a wonderful job. I can't thank them enough and I will buy then Christmas presents to demonstrate my happiness! They did my divorce and my bankruptcy and they made it so painless. I was worried but they made me feel so comfortable and attended to. I guess awesome is the best word to describe them. Again, many thanks.”


  • They Get It Done
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    The Sherman Law Group gets it done; they are terrific!!!! Excellent in every way I wanted and needed a lawyer to be. They really cared; they explained; they understood me. To all the other lawyers out there: if you want to learn how to be a truly great attorney, just watch and take notes on what the Sherman law group does. The expertise and a willingness to listen and discuss, that won me over. 

    Let me add that the staff was first class all the way. Really professional and really friendly. What can I say but if you need a lawyer just hire the Sherman team.

    DeMarcus Jefferson, Sr.

  • Incredible!
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    “Your law firm is incredible. You did a great job with my case, but also I just loved speaking to you all. It's rare to find lawyers that combine such personal touches and care for a person in legal need who is facing serious criminal charges. I highly recommend the Sherman Law Group when you need serious legal guidance and help.”

    Brooke Bogart

  • Thanks for EVERYTHING!
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    “I can't thank your team enough for all you did and we really won big! Y'all are simply the best and most awesome!”

    Bob Logan

  • Great Lawyer - Thanks
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    “Being most pleased with your services I wanted to provide a review and a thank you. You made a situation that was pretty dire turn out as best as possible and for that I shall be forever grateful. As I thought, you are special and wonderful attorneys at law, It was a blessing that you took my case. It was a pleasure to have a professional relationship with you and I look forward to the opportunity to buy everyone at the office lunch, perhaps next week.”

    Carlos Blackburn

  • Exceeds (By Far) My High Expectations
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    “You are the best lawyers in Georgia, as far as my family is concerned. I'd go so far as to say you are the best attorneys in the whole USA. I've used plenty of lawyers over the years for business, person and family issues, but your firm is the best by far. Smart, sophisticated and wonderful people!”

    Ian McAlpin

  • Whenever some needs a great lawyer, I always refer them to Sherman Law Group
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    “I never thought I would need a lawyer so when I got in trouble, I didn't know who to turn to. I did some research and decided to call the Sherman Law Group. They told me to trust them, and I did. Bill Sherman and Valerie Sherman spoke with me and calmed me down. They gave me a strategy to follow and were there at every step of the process. Because of them, I got a great deal from the prosecutor. Whenever someone needs a great lawyer, I always refer them to the Sherman Law Group.”

    Mike O.

  • I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the way you handled my daughter's case
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    “I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the way you handled my daughter's case”

    Teresa F.

  • They have a realistic approach and make the absolute best of the situation. Valerie and Bill were always there for me.
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    “The Sherman Law Group was awesome! They handled my case efficiently and educated me along the way. Filing bankruptcy is an emotional and stressful time and they understood that. They have a realistic approach and make the absolute best of the situation. Valerie and Bill were always there for me.”

  • Handled My Case Way Beyond My Expectations
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    “The whole team at Sherman Law handled my case way beyond my expectations. I was referred to them by my friend and have been nothing but pleased with their efficiency on my case. Originally, I had another attorney handling my bankruptcy and unfortunately it was botched up. The Shermans have been on top of everything from the word go, which I cannot say for my previous attorney. Kudos to Mr. & Mrs. Sherman!!!!”


  • Bankruptcy Process Easier on Me Than I Ever Expected
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    “I would just like to say that I really appreciate your efforts and the whole Sherman Law Group's on my behalf. You are making this bankruptcy process easier on me than I ever expected. I feel much less stress thanks to you. A big thank you.”


  • You helped us so much and now the stress is lifted and we're out of debt! We will always recommend the Sherman Law Group.
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    “The one on one personal attention and compassionate care we received from Valerie, Bill & David was beyond what anyone would expect. You helped us so much and now the stress is lifted and we're out of debt! We will always recommend the Sherman Law Group.”

    Heather W.

  • We can't thank you enough. You made a bad situation better. You were all a pleasure to work with. Thank you again!
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    “Thank you so much for all your hard work and what you did for Stephanie & me. We can't thank you enough. You made a bad situation better. You were all a pleasure to work with. Thank you again!”

    Mark V.

  • Able to Sleep at Night Again
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    “My family is forever in your debt. We can't thank you enough for our son's freedom and the ability to finally be able to sleep again at night and have the weight lifted from our shoulders so that we can finally once again look forward to the future. Thanks to you he is now getting the treatment he needs and is not incarcerated for the DUI.”


  • Mr. Sherman and Mrs. Sherman were always concerned and always kept in touch
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    “I would recommend The Sherman Law Group to anyone. First of all they were awesome to deal with. Mr. Sherman and Mrs. Sherman were always concerned and always kept in touch. I blew a .17 and they got it down in court. They took care of my license too. I would go to them again or recommend them to all my friends.”


  • I have utilized all types of attorneys in the past and have never had someone work so hard for me! Thank you! I will refer anyone to your firm!!
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    “Thank you for all your help! I have utilized all types of attorneys in the past and have never had someone work so hard for me! Thank you! I will refer anyone to your firm!!”

    Kevin B.

  • Never Had Someone Work So Hard for Me
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    “The Sherman Law Group came thru for my daughter when she needed it most because of severe legal issues. Both Valerie Sherman and Bill Sherman did everything possible and then some to assist her. And their staff really went the extra mile for her. They kept us totally informed, drafted everything we needed and negotiated for her. Everything was done in a timely manner and it was appreciated by the judge. Even today they follow up with us to make sure everything is right. I would give them my highest rating.”

    Maria T.

  • You All Are the Best!
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    “So happy with everything! You kept my life and job intact. You are my attorneys for life!!!”


  • Most Pleased and Happy
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    “I am writing to tell you how happy I am with your representation of my son. I am really thrilled with the work you did to help him and the super professionalism of your firm. Everybody at the firm was wonderful, helpful, and talented. It meant so much to us! I know it was not an easy case and there were tough issues involved, but the work of the firm was extraordinary in every way and I wanted to let you know that we really and truly think you are the greatest! You have brought us out of the darkness and into the light and that's the greatest compliment I can bestow.”


  • Could Not Have Done It Without You
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  • Thank You, Mr. Sherman!
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    “Mr. Sherman is the best!!! He saved my career and my life!!!! Great job with the DUI. You are awesome!!!! I owe you lunch”


  • Sooooooo Happy and Grateful!!!!!
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  • Kept Me Calm & Did a Great Job
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    “You're my favorite attorneys because you kept me calm, did great work, and we WON. Thanks again.”

    Joey D.

  • Great, Great, Great
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    “I just wanted to let you know how HAPPY I am with the outcome of my cases. I never, ever thought we'd get such awesome deals. I just didn't think it was possible, at all. Please tell Bill and Valerie that they are our lawyers for life and that they are the best people in the whole world as far as I'm concerned. God bless!”


  • Big Thanks to You
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    “I would recommend the Sherman Law Group to anyone who has a legal issue. They helped us work through our legal needs and there were no issues. Just very impressed with the professionalism and level of knowledge. They helped us work through a stressful process with confidence and dignity. Big thanks!”


  • God Led Me to the Sherman Law Group
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    “God led me to the Sherman Law Group. And they helped in my hour of need. They are the most wonderful people and lawyers.”

    Tim Long

  • The Best of the Best!
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    “I needed great lawyers and a friend who plays in the NFL recommended The Sherman Law Group. He said they are the best of the best and that a lot of pro athletes and celebrities use them. He said that since pro athletes and celebrities have so much to lose they only hire the BEST attorneys. And so I hired the Shermans and I can tell you right now they are AMAZING people and AMAZING lawyers.”


  • A Federal Judge Said to Hire You
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    “My cousin is a Federal Judge and he told me to hire you and I took his recommendation and I'm glad I did. You all are massively helpful and amazing and I'm proud to write this and give you a 10 STAR review!!!!!”


  • I Owe Them My Life
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    “These lawyers, they are great, that I can tell you from my own personal experience. They do care a lot and they are quite smart, that is for sure. I will thank them always and forever and I will be forever in their debt. I thought my legal case was going to be the end of me, but the Sherman group saved me and made my life so much better. I would give them a 10 star review because they are so good.”

    Pablo Garcia Gomez

  • So Happy
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    “Couldn't have done it without you. Soooooooo happy”


  • Very Pleased!
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    “I am so happy. Your firm did a wonderful job on my case. I will recommend you to anyone who wishes to employ great attorneys.”

  • Excellent!
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    Jose Garcia

  • Awesome Divorce Lawyers!
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    “I must offer my highest praise to the Shermans and their team for all the help with my divorce. I couldn't have made it thru without your help, guidance and support. You are the best divorce lawyers a person could ever hope for. God bless!!! I will recommend your firm forever.”

  • All About Winning
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    “The Sherman Law Group knows how to get the job done and win, that's for sure. It was money well spent and I just really appreciate your team and all you did for me, a veteran of the United States Marine Corps who needed a break. I'm calling you guys my "Marine Corps lawyers" and I'll tell my friends that if they want some true-blue American heroes, great Americans, to call you. In my book, you're the top dogs”


  • Thank You for My Life!
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    “I wanted to thank you for giving me back my life after many awful months. My family and I want to thank you very much for representing my case. We are so grateful to have such wonderful attorneys like you. I know I can rely on you. We will always recommend you to those who are in need of the services of a law firm. We were so happy and excited this morning as we heard the announcement by the Judge. You are such wonderful people at The Sherman Law Group.”


  • Someone to Trust
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    “I was completely stressed about the things I was going through and needed someone I could trust to get me through the process as best as possible. The Sherman Law Group team and Valerie Sherman were perfect for calming my nerves and knew exactly what to do when I needed them. They fought for me. I would recommend their legal representation in a heartbeat.‬‎”


  • C.K. Recommends William H. Sherman
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    “I feel like I owe you my life.”


  • Mr. & Mrs. Sherman -- You are the BEST!
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    “You and your team helped me so much I don't no how to say thank you. I will be forever grateful to your amazing firm. I've already recommended the Sherman Law Group to family members because you all are awesome!”

    J. McB.

  • Worry Free
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    “I guess we don't need to worry about this problem any longer. Thanks for doing such an awesome job working on this. Valerie, you made me feel better as I worked with you on it. It was great to work with such a professional. We are blessed to have you as our lawyer.”


  • Love This Lawyer!
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    “I love this lawyer. William Sherman is very knowledgeable and with great personality. I can tell just from one visit that he is concerned with his clients. He knew the right questions to ask and allowed me to ask my own questions. I would put him on the top 5 lists of best attorneys in Atlanta. I work for lawyers so I can tell you he is top of the line.”


  • Most Pleased!
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    “I am very happy to have found these most wonderful lawyers! Their services were much appreciated and rendered in a most professional and caring manner. If I need any more legal assistance, I will call you first!”


  • M.N. Recommends The Sherman Law Group
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    “The services from your firm were above and beyond excellent!”


  • Valerie Sherman Is the Greatest
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    Valerie Sherman is truly the greatest, kindest, smartest and most knowledgeable attorney I have ever met. She really puts the time to listen to you, to speak to you and gives ALL the possible outcomes for your case. She is so genuine and caring and helpful! I promise you will not regret anything. I will forever be her client because she truly puts the time and care to fully understand your case and also life situation. She takes everything into consideration. I was served with divorce papers and I thought my life was over. However Ms. Sherman is the only one who has helped me to change that for good. I feel very lucky to have found her, and I can assure you will feel the same way too. All I can say is thank you Valerie Sherman you are the best!

    The staff is also equally amazing and kind-hearted.

    Vicki W.

  • Big Thanks!
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    “Just thanks.  BIG THANKS.”


  • Thanks for Being Awesome!
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    “You people are just the best lawyers anyone could ever want. Thanks for being awesome!!!”

  • P.H. Recommends The Sherman Law Group
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    “Many thanks for being there for me when I needed you. I often think of the Sherman Law Group and the difficult time you helped me through.”


  • Professionalism, Calm Manner, Knowledgeable and Aggressiveness
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    “Now that our case has ended, I wanted to take a minute to say thank you. You deserve it. Your professionalism, calm manner, knowledge and aggressiveness when needed was extremely comforting during our time in need. While we always knew we had done nothing wrong and shouldn’t feel badly, there were times when the process made us question ourselves – and each time your reassurance gave us back our confidence and the desire to move on with life. We look forward to speaking to each of you now that the dark cloud has been lifted. Again thank you and if there is anytime you need help from us, please do not hesitate to ask.”


  • S.Y. Recommends The Sherman Law Group
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    “I don’t know how to say this, but I think God led me to you. Bless you.”


  • Only Lawyers for Me
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    “I can tell you right now, the Shermans are the best and the ONLY lawyers I'd ever use. What a great law firm with smart, patient and nice attorneys! Great people.”


  • I Feel So Lucky
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    “I just wanted to write to say that I feel so lucky to have chosen the Sherman Law Group as my attorneys. I was going through such a very difficult legal situation. It was emotionally charged and draining. But Valerie Sherman and Bill Sherman were so supportive, hardworking and helpful. I loved that the firm was always updating me and letting me know what was going on in my case. You always returned my calls and emails. Thank you all for making it work out great for me.”


  • Thanks for Your Time
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    “By the way, thank you soooooooo much for all of your research and hard work in finding out about all of our options. My sister and I are ecstatic about this. We’re going to bake you some of the best brownies in Georgia.”


  • Wonderful Resource
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    “Dear Valerie, I wanted to write to you to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help on our case. You and your law firm were amazing. Sorry to ask so many questions at once! You've been such a wonderful resource to us, and I do appreciate the time you take to reply no matter what. I still can’t believe you called me three times when you were on vacation!”


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