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Can I get a DUI in Georgia just by taking prescribed medicine?

Question: Can I be charged with DUI drugs in the state of Georgia for drugs that I have a prescription for and that my doctor told me to take?

Answer: Yes, in the state of Georgia you can be charged for DUI drugs even though the drugs are medication that was prescribed for you by your doctor. In fact, legal drugs, prescribed by a doctor, account for many DUI drugs charges. It is not only illegal drugs like marijuana (pot), meth, mushrooms, LSD, ecstasy, heroin and cocaine that can lead to a DUI drugs charge in Georgia.

Below is a list of some of the most commonly prescribed drugs:

1. Hydrocodone (pain)
2. Lisinopril (hypertension)
3. Simvastatin (high cholesterol)
4. Levothyroxine (hypothyroidism)
5. Amoxicillin (bacterial infection)
6. Azithromycin (bacterial infection)
7. Lipitor (high cholesterol)
8. Hydrochlorothiazide (edema/hypertension)
9. Alprazolam (anxiety/depression)
10. Atenolol (hypertension)
11. Metformin (type 2 diabetes)
12. Metoprolol Succinate (hypertension)
13. Furosemide oral (edema/hypertension)
14. Metoprolol tartrate (hypertension)
15. Sertraline (depression)
16. Omeprazole (ulcers/reflux)
17. Zolpidem tartrate (insomnia)
18. Nexium (ulcers/reflux)
19. Lexapro (depression)
20. Oxycodone (pain)
21. Singulair (asthma)
22. Ibuprofen (pain/inflammation)
23. Plavix (blood clottong)
24. Prednisone oral (allergies/inflammation)
25. Fluoxetine (depression)
26. Synthroid (hypothyroidism)
27. Warfarin (blood clotting)
28. Cephalexin (bacterial infection)
29. Lorazepam (anxiety)
30. Clonazepam (epilepsy/anxiety)
31. Citalopram HBR (depression)
32. Tramadol (pain)
33. Gabapentin (epilepsy/pain
34. Ciprofloxacin HCl (bacterial infection)
35. Propoxyphene-N (pain)
36. Lisinopril (hypertension)
37. Triamterene (edema/hypertention)
38. Amoxicillin (bacterial infection)
39. Cyclobenzaprine (muscle injury/spasm)
40. Prevacid (ulcers/reflux)
41. Advair (asthma)
42. Effexor XR (depression)
43. Trazodone HCl (depression)
44. Fexofenadine (allergy)
45. Fluticasone nasal (allergy)
46. Diovan (hypertension)
47. Paroxetine (depression/anxiety)
48. Lovastatin (high cholesterol)
49. Crestor (high cholesterol)
50. Trimethoprim (bacterial infection)

Some interesting facts....

10 of the top 50 are for anxiety or depression. Depression is big business in this country.

4 of the top 50 are for high cholesterol.
9 of the top 50 are for hypertension.