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The valued advice and guidance of a qualified attorney can be absolutely essential when it comes to defending yourself against criminal charges. A criminal conviction will not only result in potentially significant fines and the possibility of incarceration in jail or prison, but also a mark on your permanent criminal record. Monetary fines can place a significant burden on your finances, while time in prison means you will not be able to work and earn an income to support yourself or your family.

In most situations, the existence of a criminal offense on your record can have a profoundly negative effect on your life and future prospects. Most jobs, landlords, and money lending institutions require a background check or a disclosure of any criminal convictions along with their applications. Many employers will not hire an individual with a criminal record because they believe a criminal conviction reflects poorly on the individual and renders him or her untrustworthy. The same goes for landlords and lending institutions. The significance of a criminal conviction cannot be stressed enough; don't take any risks, and contact a trusted law firm.

The Importance of a Roswell Criminal Defense Attorney

If you stand accused of a criminal offense, it is of absolute importance that you seek out a Roswell criminal defense attorney from The Sherman Law Group! After discussing your case, we can investigate your charges and develop a solid defense strategy!

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A highly qualified Roswell criminal defense lawyer will greatly increase your chances of having your charges dismissed or your potential sentencing reduced. Our attorneys at the Sherman Law Group have extensive experience handling all aspects of criminal law.

With over 50 years of experience on both the prosecution and defense side of criminal proceedings, we have an exceedingly firm grasp on the laws and circumstances involved in a criminal case. Do not hesitate to place your trust in the hands of our highly qualified attorneys. Let us help you defend yourself from the damaging effects of a criminal conviction.