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In Georgia, some criminal records can be sealed or erased. After expungement is granted, the record can only be reviewed by criminal justice personnel for investigation purposes. It should be "invisible" to potential employers and others.

The three circumstances for expungement are listed below:

  • You can prove that the record is inaccurate
  • Charges were dropped or dismissed in the case (given that you have no pending charges, you were not convicted of a repeat or similar offense in the past five years, and you did not enter a plea agreement without proper stipulations at the time of the case)
  • You were charged as a juvenile (given that the delinquency was not filed or proceedings were dismissed, or the petition was filed and the case was transferred to juvenile court or you were determined not a delinquent)

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Sherman Law Group has helped many clients get an expungement so they are able to move forward with their lives without a "black mark" on their records. If you would like to file a request for expungement, call a Roswell criminal defense attorney from The Sherman Law Group.

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