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Expunging Offenses from Your Record

Criminal records can have a decidedly negative effect on an individual’s life and future prospects. In most instances, whenever an individual applies for a job, housing, or a bank loan or any other monetary aid, that individual must disclose any previous criminal offenses. Having a criminal offense on your record, even if the offense is a seemingly insignificant misdemeanor, can influence a potential employer, landlord, or bank’s decision against you.

Employers are averse to hiring an individual who poses a criminal threat to their business, a landlord may not want to rent to an individual who they believe could be a problem, and a bank or other institution may deem you an unnecessary risk.

To avoid the burden of a criminal record, in some instances it is possible to have offenses removed. The process by which an individual has their criminal record wiped clean is called expungement. Depending on the number and severity of the offenses, it is entirely possible to attain a clean record with the assistance of a Roswell DUI attorney. We provide assistance in expungements to individuals throughout the Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Dunwoody, Marietta, Forsyth County, and Cherokee County areas.

Expungements Lawyer in Roswell

With over 50 years of combined experience, the attorneys at The Sherman Law Group have the knowledge and experience necessary to have qualifying offenses cleared from your record. We know how troublesome it can be to go through life with a criminal record. No matter what the circumstances may have been around the incident that resulted in criminal charges, we will work closely with you to rehabilitate your record so you will no longer have to live under the burden of a criminal record. You should not have to suffer unnecessarily for a momentary lapse in judgment. Do not hesitate to call our firm today for more information about cleaning your criminal record.

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