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Georgia DDS ALS Hearing

​​​​​The State of Georgia has the right to suspend a driver’s license for cause. When a driver accumulates too many points, refuses a blood or breath test for DUI, or is arrested for DUI, the license will be suspended. In order to fight a suspension, the driver must request an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing within 10 days of receiving a suspension notice. This is best accomplished by having your Roswell DDS Hearing attorney schedule the hearing. Failure to schedule a hearing within those 10 days will result in an automatic license suspension, leaving you dependent upon friends and family or public transportation. We represent drivers at DDS hearings throughout Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek, Dunwoody, Marietta, Forsyth County, and Cherokee County.

Regarding DDS Hearings: Department of Drivers’ Services and License Suspension

Anyone accused of DUI has two cases to defend, the criminal case, and an administrative license suspension in the Department of Drivers’ Services. The ALS Hearing, also called a DMV Hearing, considers specific points when a driver has been arrested for DUI. A seasoned DDS Hearing lawyer will defend your driving privileges based on the results of a thorough investigation into the conduct of law enforcement and the procedures followed during the time of your arrest and testing as well as the circumstances of your arrest.

Crucial factors include:

  • Was there probable cause to suspect DUI?
  • Did the arresting officer scrupulously follow legal procedure?
  • Did you refuse the breath or blood test?
  • Did the test register BAC over the legal limit? (For commercial drivers 0.04 or higher, under age 21 0.02 or higher, and for an adult 0.08 or high?)
  • Were all tests administered correctly?

ALS Hearing Defense in Roswell

Our firm has decades of experience in locating flaws in the evidence and conduct of law enforcement during ALS hearings. A DUI lawyer at our firm will prepare your defense meticulously. Time is limited. Don’t wait to call the Sherman Law Group and discuss your defense.

If you are hoping to avoid a license suspension, contact a Roswell DDS Hearing attorney at our firm.