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Second, Third or More DUI Convictions With over 50 years of combined experience, we can handle even the most complex DUI charges.

Second, Third or More DUI Convictions

Experienced DUI Defense in Roswell

In the state of Georgia, facing charges with an earlier conviction on your record is extremely dangerous. The prosecution will pursue the maximum penalties in most cases. Without a skilled defense attorney on your side, you stand little chance against the prosecution.

Even a first time DUI can bring harsh penalties that will affect you for years; those facing a second, third or fourth DUI charge will have a many more legal problems.

\In addition to heightened penalties, it may also it can become more difficult to achieve a not guilty verdict or reduced penalties due to having an earlier conviction on your record. Representation from a Roswell DUI attorney from The Sherman Law Group on your side could greatly improve your chances in this dangerous legal situation. Only the most seasoned attorney should be chosen to represent those facing a second, third, or fourth DUI charge.

Penalties for Multiple DUI Convictions

The heavy punishments imposed upon drunk drivers who are repeat offenders in Georgia are intended to deter those who would consider driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you do not retain the services of our legal team, you could be facing serous penalties including the loss of driving privileges for one year or longer, up to five years of probation, thousands of dollars in fines, and a minimum of ninety days in jail. Individuals that are facing DUI charges for a fourth offense, based on the circumstances, can face a long period in jail, a revocation of driver’s license. When the law changed in July 2008, under House Bill 336, fourth time DUI offenders will be facing a felony charge. It is crucial that you have an experienced defense lawyer who gets involved early to take action in your case.

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