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About Vehicle Impoundment in Georgia

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After an officer has completed a DUI investigation, if the driver is arrested for DUI, the vehicle must be moved from the public highway. This can be accomplished by a friend, family member, or passenger, or by a towing service of the driver’s choice. If the driver makes no specific request, or is incapable of seeing to the disposition of the vehicle, an officer may impound it. Any driver declared a habitual offender who is found to be in possession of a vehicle may have the vehicle seized by the state. It is very important that you speak with an experienced Roswell DUI attorney to ensure your rights are protected.

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An officer of any law enforcement agency in Georgia is required by law to search a vehicle which is subject to impoundment. This is done to protect the law enforcement agency, the officer and the owner’s property. A full inventory of all personal property in the vehicle will be listed by the officer. The costs of towing and storage and any other fees must be paid before the vehicle will be released. This can cause a hardship on the driver or the driver’s family. In some cases, the expense of releasing the vehicle from impoundment could be greater than the value of the car. Should the officer’s search turn up any illegal items, this could lead to additional charges being filed against the driver or owner. A skilled DUI lawyer can review the circumstances of your vehicle seizure for any violations of strict adherence to the law concerning “lawful impound” on the part of an officer or agency which may have resulted in an illegal search.

Our firm has decades of experience in fighting unlawful impoundments and seizures of vehicles. These complex cases require a thorough understanding of the laws. An experienced DUI lawyer with our firm stands ready to assist you in fighting for the return of your vehicle. Call The Sherman Law Group to discuss your case.

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