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How Does My Medical Condition Affect My DUI Charge?

Question: Since I got charged with speeding, failure to maintain lane and DUI in Georgia, I went to Peachford Hospital and Ridgeview Institute because of some mental issues like bipolar and depression. Will this help me in the DUI charge?

Answer: Peachford Hospital and Ridgeview Institute are well-known psychiatric hospitals that have expertise in treating bipolar issues and depression, as well as other mental health afflictions. Many criminal lawyers have clients that have availed themselves of the services of both Peachford and Ridgeview. If someone is considering either Peachford or Ridgeview for themselves or a loved one, it would certainly be wise to research both institutions as well as, if at all possible, speaking with people who have been treated at them. Bipolar and depression are both treatable illnesses and there are therapies available for each, including certain medications that can be prescribed and that are known to be effective. As for how it might relate to your Georgia DUI charge, that depends on various things. Prosecutors generally do like to see a defendant taking proactive measures to address their problems and treatment at Peachford and/or Ridgeview is certainly a big step in that direction. Also, the treatment received at Peachford or Ridgeview may be applicable to a defendant's sentence. For instance, oftentimes an evaluation is required by the court. Treatment at Peachford or Ridgeview may help fulfill this requirement.

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