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Can I Get a DUI After One Absinthe Drink?

Q: I just had one single drink and drove home and on my way I got stopped by the police and arrested for DUI. I blew a .121. But I just had one drink of absinthe. Have you ever heard of absinthe being that strong?
A: Absinthe has a very long and colorful history. It is known as a very potent alcoholic drink, with a proof rating approaching 150 or even higher. Absinthe is said to have originated in Switzerland and from there it was adopted throughout the world, particularly in Europe. Many countries have at one time or another banned it - scared of its potency. It was very popular in Spain, the Czech Republic & France, where famous artists were often some of its most outspoken consumers. It comes in different styles and has regional variations. Nowadays most if not all of the bans have been lifted and people can indulge in drinking absinthe wherever they choose. As for your question about "one" drink of absinthe packing that sort of power, yes, it is certainly possible. Indeed, absinthe is widely available in liquor stores throughout the state of Georgia and we have had experience with one or two glasses of absinthe causing high readings on the Intoxilyzer 5000 test.