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Issues with Mental Illness and a DUI Charge

Question: I was surfing the internet and I saw your blog entry on Peachford Hospital and Ridgeview Institute. I have spent time at both Peachford and Ridgeview due to some drinking and drugs that I got hooked on. I really think it was depression and bipolar that made me drink and take drugs. I got a DUI. I just wanted to thank you for answering that question about Peachford and Ridgeview and DUI.

Answer: Peachford and Ridgeview are certainly assets when it comes to the treatment of alcohol and drug dependency as well as mental diseases like bipolar and depression. Many famous people suffer from depression and bipolar as well as other mental illnesses. And this is certainly true of celebrities and athletes (including NBA, NFL, and NHL athletes and major league baseball players). So you should not be ashamed at all if you are also afflicted. The underlying causes of DUI are many and the more we discuss them and the various treatment possibilities the better it is for all concerned as well as the general public. It has been one of this law firm's goals to educate the public as well as prosecutors and judges about the real causes of many DUIs and to alert them to some treatment options like Peachford and Ridgeview.

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