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Is my first DUI a felony in Georgia?

If you've been charged with your first DUI, you may be wondering if you will incur felony charges. Most first offenses are misdemeanors, which have penalties of at least a day in jail, fines of $600 or more, and at least 40 hours of community serve. Courts may also order DUI School and license suspension for a year.

In some cases; however, DUI charges may be elevated to a felony:

  1. If you caused an accident that resulted in serious injuries or death.
  2. If you had a blood alcohol content over .15%.
  3. If you had a minor in your vehicle while you were driving.
  4. If you caused extensive property damages.
  5. If you were speeding excessively (25 mph over the legal limit).

Even if your DUI is not first charged as a felony, it may be elevated later on in the case, as prosecutors have several months to review your case and change your charges.

If you are convicted of a felony DUI, you will be facing much more severe penalties. This includes at least 1 year in prison, fines over $1,000, 60 days of community service, and treatment for substance.

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