Cobb County DUI: How long will drugs stay in my system?

Question: My friend and I are on probation for DUI. We're both on probation in Cobb County. We got our DUI's within 2 weeks of each other. I'll admit that we both party a lot. We do drugs a good bit. We're in the music industry and it just seems like drugs are all around. I play guitar and he plays drums. But I'd say we're casual drug users because we rarely do drugs at home. It's usually just with our bands. It doesn't seem like it's a serious thing, at least to us.

We both think that we're going to get drug tested by our probation officers. The PO's told us a test is coming. We don't want probation violations because that will mean jail time and we need to work. Since we don't want probation violations we need to find out some information. Can you tell us how long illegal drugs stay in your system? If we know then we can stop before we are tested by the probation officers. I know they give urine tests.

O.P. in Marietta

Answer: We get a lot of questions regarding how long various drugs can stay in your system. Different drugs will remain in your system for different lengths of time. So to give you an indication of how long a certain drug tends to remain in your system we need to know exactly which drug you are referring to. In any event, below is a chart listing different drugs and their staying power. (Please note that the time will be much longer for a hair test.):


2 days to 11 weeks


1 to 4 days


2 to 4 days


6 to 24 hours


3 days to 2 weeks

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