Sandy Springs DUI: Will I lose my social security benefits?

Question: Since I got a DUI I'm worried that I could lose social security benefits. I heard from a friend at work that if you get arrested for a DUI you can lose social security benefits.

I was arrested in Sandy Springs for a DUI. I was out late with my wife and another couple. We spent the day at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area and at Morgan Falls Overlook Park. At night we went to a pub for dinner.

We were driving home when a deer ran into the road. We were on Roswell Road. I swerved to avoid the deer and we hit a tree. No one was injured. But the Sandy Springs police came by and had me do some tests and I took a breath test. I was pretty high on the breath test and I got arrested for a DUI. I blew a .215.

Now I'm worried that because of the DUI I won't get social security benefits. I'm not near retirement age but I was doing some financial planning and it got me worried. Will getting a DUI impact my getting social security benefits? I have court at the Sandy Springs Municipal Court.

W.O. in Sandy Springs.

Answer: We occasionally get questions about DUI and the ability to receive certain government benefits. However, eligibility for social security benefits is entirely unrelated to DUI charges or convictions. In other words, you should not have to worry about receiving social security even if you have a DUI.

As is often the case, it sounds like a well-meaning (if woefully uninformed) friend has made statements regarding DUI and its ramifications that are simply untrue. It's always best to contact a DUI lawyer directly with questions.

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