We Need to File Bankruptcy Because My Husband is an Internet Porn Addict

Question: I'm writing because my husband is an Internet porn addict and we need to file for bankruptcy. Everything was alright because we both worked and did not spend a lot of money. My husband had two jobs. He worked at a roofing company in Alpharetta and a frozen yogurt store in Sandy Springs. Money has always been an issue but we managed with coupons. We live in Roswell.

At first I wasn't sure what he was spending cash from credit card advances on. He said his car needed repairs, he was repaying Sallie Mae student loans, he had to pay doctor and dentist bills and that he was investing money in a dry cleaners in Dunwoody. I should have known that some of the foreign companies from Bulgaria and Romania that billed us were not legit.

But then he got drunk on his homemade beer, started smoking his e-cigs and I caught him looking at Internet porn. I stood there for almost 10 minutes watching him but he was so entranced that he didn't notice me. He actually passed out looking at some women and the computer was still on when I found him the next morning on the floor. I can't believe that there is so much of that on the Internet! He admitted that he spends at least 7 hours a day surfing the web.

He has used all of our credit and my car is probably going to be repossessed in the next couple of months. We owe over $30,000.00 dollars to credit card companies. My friend said that you cannot get rid of porn debt in a bankruptcy. Is this true, because we're maxxed out? We really need to file soon.

Answer: We are receiving many questions regarding debts incurred due to various vices. It could be gambling, Internet porn, Ponzi schemes or numerous other things that cause debt.

Debts incurred as a result of paying for Internet porn are dischargeable in bankruptcy. Your friend gave you wrong information, as often happens when non-experts try to provide bankruptcy information.

Indeed, with the easy accessibility of the Internet from desktop and laptop computers and all manner of mobile phones and tablets, Internet addictions of all types are widely flourishing.

People are sometimes embarrassed by debt from vices. But they should not be ashamed at all. Millions of Americans (including celebrities, executives, politicians and professionals of all types) have accumulated many billions of dollars in debt that can be alleviated by filing bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can provide a fresh start to a new and better financial life.

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