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Forsyth County DUI: Is the Prosecutor Going to Take My Driver's License?

Question: I am writing to you because I need a Forsyth County DUI lawyer. The day started out with some bowling at Stars and Strikes in Cumming. We had some food and a couple of pitchers of beer. We were there for hours bowling and playing pool.

Then we met some friends from work at Norman's Landing Restaurant where we spent time at the bar watching the Atlanta Braves lose a close one. By the time we left I was not the most drunk one in our group.

My two buddies from Georgia Tech were debating the best Georgia beer and it came down to SweetWater or Terrapin Beer Company. They were more than buzzed. I didn't care because I like my gin, vodka and tequila.

Anyway I got arrested by a Forsyth Deputy Sheriff and I'm wondering if the prosecutor will be trying to take my license from me or not? I really need my license to get to work and I work about 25 miles from my home in Cumming.

Answer: The prosecutor, who is technically called a "solicitor" in Forsyth County State Court, does not have jurisdiction to participate in an administrative license suspension hearing, or "ALS." The solicitor prosecutes cases only in state court; he or she will not be involved in a civil administrative proceeding regarding your driver's license.

You have not provided many facts upon which to base an answer regarding the retention of your driving privileges. We would need to know whether you took a blood, breath or urine test, or whether you refused such testing. We would need to know if this is your first DUI or have there been others in the past. If it is not a first, we'd need to know how long ago the other was – was it 2 years ago or 9 years ago?

Please feel free to write us or call us so we can discuss your situation in greater detail. Thanks for your question.

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