DUI: Is there a video of me in the police car?

Question: I was going home from work to my house on Spalding Drive in Dunwoody. I lost control of the car and went off the road. A Dunwoody police officer came by. He said another motorist called 911. He asked me if I'd been drinking and I said just a little. He made me do some tests and then he arrested me for DUI. He took me to jail.

I didn't take a breath test at the jail. But what I'm really worried about is the video that I think the Dunwoody cop made. I think I looked pretty drunk when I was trying to walk a straight line. I had about 7 beers at work and on my way home and I think I did not do well on that test. But the real problem will be if there is a video of me in the police car.

In the police car I lost my temper and I was calling the cop some names. I was mad and it wasn't pretty. If anyone sees that video they might think I'm a jerk and they will think I was really drunk.

If the cop did make a video of me during the DUI stop, is there also a video of me in his police car while we're driving to the jail? I don't want that video to be seen by anyone. Honestly, if my boss sees it I will probably get fired.

B.K. in Dunwoody

Answer: Most DUI arrests in Dunwoody involve a video. And many times the video includes the defendant in the police cruiser on the way to the jail. So it is likely that a video of you in the police car exists.

Whether that video will be seen by your boss is another question. If you don't show the video to your boss, it is quite unlikely that he or she will ever see it. The video is a public document and can be obtained by any interested party by filing an open records request. In our lengthy experience, we have rarely seen a non-party (an employer, a spouse, etc.) try to obtain a video of a DUI arrest.

Of course, if a celebrity is arrested for DUI the media will request the video. But, again, for a "standard" DUI matter, it is highly unlikely a third party will try to access the video. They probably will not even know they can get a copy of the video.

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