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  • DUI:
    DUI: "My Daughter Is Under 21 and Got Arrested"

    Question: My daughter got a DUI and I need some advice. She's a minor and only 17 and in high school. She was driving with a friend and she got stopped by a cop for a curfew violation. She was coming ...

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  • DUI: My Friend Told the Cop I Was Drinking
    DUI: My Friend Told the Cop I Was Drinking

    Question: When I got pulled over by a cop in Woodstock, GA, my friend said some dumb things to the police officer. My friend was in my car. He said that I had been drinking a lot of beer and gin and ...

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  • "I Wasn't Drinking WHILE I Was Driving"

    Question: I can't believe that I was arrested in Roswell, Georgia for DUI. I was out with a few friends and I was the designated-driver. My friends got pretty drunk from drinking at dinner and from ...

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  • DUI & Synthetic Marijuana
    DUI & Synthetic Marijuana

    Question: My son was arrested for DUI in Woodstock over the weekend. Apparently he got into an accident and when the police came he was acting like a crazy person. The cops said he was running in ...

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