I need to file bankruptcy because the stress is too much.

Question: I was really into gambling at one time. I was betting on football, basketball and baseball. Sometimes I'd bet on hockey games and horse racing. I'd bet on the internet, at casinos or with a bookie in Atlanta. But my wife and I saw that that there was a problem so I stopped.

Then I started drinking too much. I was drinking beer at breakfast and I joined AA and I haven't had a drink in 4 months. It started with drinking every night at dinner and then I'd be drinking at lunch at my job in Sandy Springs, then it was drinking at breakfast and even putting it in my cereal.

I was speculating on bitcoin and made some good money. But then the bitcoin lost value and I took a major loss. I invested in a legal marijuana business in Colorado with a friend from my days at Kennesaw State University, but that deal has run into some problems.

Anyway, now it looks like I might be going through a divorce because I have gotten us into so much debt. I just got served papers for a lawsuit. We owe massive credit card debt and I took personal loans from friends. I haven't made a car payment in 3 months and the bank should they might repo the vehicle.

I need to file bankrupcty because the stress is too much. What can I do? Please tell me about bankruptcy.

R.B. in Sandy Springs

Answer: Bankruptcy helps millions of people each year get a fresh financial start. The goal is to put all of your debt into a bankruptcy filing and eliminate it that way. A chapter 7 or chapter 13 gets people the relief they desperately need.

The debt you've mentioned (credit cards, loans, lawsuits, repo) can all be addressed in bankruptcy. We see clients every day that have been impacted by gambling addiction, drinking and business deals gone badly. Please call us and we can discuss how to best address your debt issues and what can be done to prevent car repossession and to address the lawsuit.

Sadly, many divorces are attributable to financial pressures. But we have seen multiple clients who are able to deal with their debt issues and then work toward building a strong and better marriage.

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