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"Can I keep my bartender job with a DUI?"

Question: I got arrested for a DUI in Atlanta. I actually live in Bartow County and I drive from Cartersville to Atlanta almost every day for work. I need to know if I can still work as a bartender if I have a DUI. I didn't take a breath or blood test although the cop said I should. I did admit to drinking a few beers and a shot and I vomited in the car, which the officer noticed. I told him I had some bad seafood.

When I was stopped I did everything the Atlanta police officer asked. And I had a good attitude. I didn't argue and I wasn't obnoxious. I work at a really good steak house in Atlanta as a bartender. The tips are good and I don't want to lose my job. I've been working there for almost 6 years. A server told me at the restaurant that if you get a DUI you can't be a bartender.

I live in Bartow County with my wife and her parents. I really need to know if I can keep my job as a bartender if I have a DUI.

R.S. in Cartersville

Answer: When you are on probation for a DUI you are not allowed to drink alcohol. Drinking would be a violation of your probation. However, you can be a bartender without drinking. We have had DUI clients who work as bartenders who do not drink. So, yes, it appears from the facts that you have provided to us that you should be able to keep your job at the restaurant.

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