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"What does a DUI lawyer do?"

Question: I was arrested for DUI in Forsyth County, GA. I got into an argument with my wife and I left the house after I had several drinks and beers. I thought I wasn't going to leave and that we would just watch the football game and go to bed. But I argued with her about my drinking and my gambling and I got mad and left. I don't think I have a drinking problem and I've cut way back on sports gambling.

My wife tried to stop me and our friends tried to stop me. But I got into the car. My wife called the police on me and I got stopped. The Forsyth policeman thought I was drunk and he even asked to search the car. I told him he could do a search. I forgot that I had pot in the car. I didn't have that much pot in the car, but there was some.

I told the cop that I had been drinking and I said it wasn't my marijuana. Now I'm facing a bunch of criminal charges in Forsyth and I need help. What can a DUI lawyer do to help me? What will a DUI attorney look at to try to minimize my charges and get me a good deal?

I had a DUI over 20 years ago. My driving record is good. I am in the insurance business and my wife works at a Forsyth school.

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Answer: A Forsyth DUI lawyer will ask 5 basic questions to help focus a good defense for drunk driving. These questions are:

  • Was the traffic stop done properly?
  • Was the field sobriety testing done correctly?
  • Was the arrest done according to proper procedures?
  • Were the relevant rights read to the suspect?, and
  • What were the breathalyzer/blood test results?

When we do our research for a DUI case, we always keep in mind these questions and how they relate to our client's specific matter.

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