“I Don’t Want a Probation Violation for Smoking Pot”

Question:  I smoke pot and I have for about 10 years.  I don't smoke every day, but I do smoke.  I'm on probation for a DUI that I got in Cobb County. 

The DUI was just for alcohol, not for marijuana.  I've been on probation for about 2 months.  My probation officer said she was going to test me for drugs next time I came in.  She suspects that I smoke weed because last time I saw her she noticed that I had rolling papers with me.  She saw them when I took my wallet out of my pocket.

I told her that I used to smoke but that I don't anymore and I just roll my own tobacco. I don't think she believes that.  I've gone to a few concerts in Atlanta and I have smoked pot with friends.  And I'll sometimes smoke a little at work. I work at the North Point Mall in Alpharetta and I might light-up at lunch or at the end of the day.

I really don't want to be caught because I know that I can go back to jail for a probation violation.  If I go to jail I'll lose my job and I need the job to pay for my car and to pay for college at Lanier Tech.

Is my probation officer going to find out that I smoke pot?

L.G. in Woodstock, GA

Answer:  There is no easy answer to your question.  It depends on the type of drug test used (urine, blood, hair, saliva) and if someone is a regular user or not.  Also, it also depends on the individual taking the test.  Things like a person's genetic makeup, metabolism, digestive and excretory systems, can all play a role.

Generally speaking, a regular or frequent user will have more to worry about because marijuana will remain in their system longer than a person who uses infrequently.  The most sensitive test is urine, followed by blood, hair and saliva.  Technically speaking, the tests are designed to detect the marijuana metabolite THC-COOH.

If you are charged with a probation violation your probation officer will very likely request that a judge put you in jail.  We know how disruptive that can be for your life.  If you get charged, call us immediately so we can discuss your options.

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