Probation Violation: “I’m Going to Fail a Drug Test”

Question: I need to pass a drug test and I think I could easily fail it. I'm on probation for DUI in Atlanta and I know I'm not supposed to do drugs or drink alcohol. But I've been partying a lot and using alcohol and a ton of pot. I'll admit it here as long as I stay anonymous.

Where I work everyone drinks and smokes marijuana. Let's just say I'm in the entertainment business and I sell real estate too. A lot of my colleagues have booze and pot problems. My boss even smokes at lunch. He says it makes him more creative.

My probation officer said she's going ng to test me next time I go in. She said that if I test positive I'm going to jail. I don't want to test positive so I'm scared. Because if I go to jail I'll lose my job. Even my pot-loving boss said if I get busted and miss work I'm out of a job.

I need to know how I cannot get a probation violation. How do I beat a drug test?

B.V. in Atlanta, GA

Answer: The best way to not get a probation violation is to not do anything that violates your probation. That's the easy answer. But that won't help you at this point because based upon what you have stated, you are going to test positive for marijuana.

You must be cautioned that if you are caught trying to “mask” a test, then you open yourself up to prosecution, and the penalties will probably be greater than if you just failed the test.

But having said that, people try beating a drug or alcohol test in different ways. There are many so-called “cleansers” and pills on the market that claim to make drugs undetectable. Some people drink huge amounts of water hoping to flush-out their systems and dilute the test. And some people utilize commercially-produced synthetic urine to try to fool the test. We've heard of people trying to make their own synthetic urine from easily available products or even trying to “borrow” a friend's urine for a test.

If you do an internet search you will find many companies that make products they claim are useful for passing a drug test.

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