Does someone from the bankruptcy court come to my house?

Question: I don't want anyone from the bankruptcy court coming to my house. I need to get rid of a lot of debt. I have credit cards, payday loans and medical bills. I need a Roswell bankrupcty lawyer.

I started using credit cards when I got divorced and even paid my lawyer with a credit card. I put food, clothing and several vacations to Disney and Bermuda on the cards. I have MasterCard, Visa and three American Express Cards. I used them to the limit and now I have debt collectors calling me all the time; I try not to answer them.

I got some payday loans because I had a cash crunch and thought that those loans would help. But now I'm dealing with some crazy high interest rates. I even spent some of that cash at a local bar and lost some gambling on sports.

My medical bills come from when I hurt my back playing tennis, which laid me up for about two weeks. I saw a bunch of doctors and they all took X-rays. So now I owe hospitals and all sorts of doctors money.

I need to file for bankruptcy, obviously. But I don't want someone from the bankruptcy court coming to my house and looking around and seeing my guns, which are legal, and looking all over the house and seeing underwear or something private.

If I file bankruptcy will someone come to my house to check on my stuff? Can I keep my guns if I file?

J.K. in Roswell, GA

Answer: We have never seen, nor have we ever heard of, a bankruptcy court official ever visit someone's house. That is not something that is done.

You do have to disclose your assets, but we have never heard of any sort of official coming to someone's house to just "look around." The bankruptcy court requires fairly detailed disclosure, but that is completed by the bankruptcy filer and his or her attorney and submitted to the court, and then reviewed by the trustee and judge.

Regarding your guns, you can certainly keep your weapons if you file bankruptcy. There is no requirement to give up one's Second Amendment rights merely because they are filing a bankruptcy petition.

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