I was arrested in Dunwoody, Georgia, for a DUI

Question: I was arrested in Dunwoody, Georgia, for a DUI last Thursday night. I didn’t just get a DUI ticket, the Dunwoody cop gave me a speeding ticket, a reckless driving ticket, and an open container ticket for the beer in the console and a failure to maintain lane ticket. I think the cop was pissed off and wanted to take it out on me because he had a bad day or something.

We ate dinner near the Perimeter Mall at a good restaurant and I drove home and the police officer stopped me. I did everything he asked; I did the tests for drunk drivers on the road and I took a breathalyzer test on the side of the road and at the jail. I got a .152 on the test.

I think I’m going to have to pay a fine no matter what happens and I want to be ready. This is my first DUI charge ever and I’m 62 years old.

Money has been tight ever since I sold my bar/restaurant in Dunwoody. I felt like I wanted to do something else so after I sold it I started a frozen yogurt business with a lady I met at an AA meeting. I totally gave up booze. At least until last weekend.

I want to know if I’m going to have to pay my fine in total when I go to court for the DUI. I really can’t afford to pay the whole fine at once and I’d like to make payments on it. I was wondering if I can make payments on fines for DUI in Dunwoody. I think I can have the fines paid off in a few months.

J.B. in Dunwoody, GA

Answer: In the Dunwoody Municipal Court all the fines for a DUI conviction are not due when you plea. You can pay the fines over a number of months while you are on probation. In fact, it would be rare in the state of Georgia to have to pay all of your fines, fees and costs associated with a DUI upon a plea. Courts understand that it can take some time for a defendant to pay a fine.

The same is true for other courts that handle DUI cases. Whether in a probate court, a city court, a municipal court, a state court or in superior court in Georgia, the vast majority of courts allow people to pay their fines over a span of time.

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