I’m Worried About Being on DUI Probation in Alpharetta

Question: I got a DUI in Alpharetta and I really don't want to be on probation. I'm pretty sure I'll get convicted and I think if you get a DUI in Georgia you have to do some kind of probation. But I work a lot and I have to fly to California at a moment's notice for my job and I don't think I can do that if I'm on probation and I'm worried about losing my job. I can get a call at night that I have to be on a plane early the next morning.

I work in the entertainment field and I fly all over, mostly in the U.S. but I will fly overseas a decent amount, particularly if I'm on a project that is filming. I work with various production companies and I'm involved in some major motion pictures, an occasional documentary and a rare adult film, but only if it involves a major star. I work behind the camera, as they say, so it's not like I'm a star or anything. But I certainly want to keep my job and maybe one day start my own production company.

That's why I'm concerned about probation and why I want to do something about it. As for my arrest, I was taken to the Alpharetta Jail and I took a breath test and I blew a .206. I was drunk, I'll admit that, but it's a first offense, at least in 10 years and I'm going to start going to Alcoholics Anonymous in a week. I used to go a lot and I had a wonderful sponsor when I lived in Los Angeles and in Miami.

I'm not saying I'm innocent and the Alpharetta cop seemed professional, so I can't say he did anything wrong, but I would like to understand what I'm getting into with probation and what I can do about it. Now I need the best DUI lawyer in Alpharetta to give me some advice.

H.R. in Alpharetta, GA

Answer: Under Georgia law, if you are convicted of a DUI you will be placed on probation. In the city of Alpharetta, sometimes probation can become non-reporting after all the probation conditions are satisfied. With non-reporting probation, you are still technically on probation, but you are not required to report to your probation officer each month. Non-reporting probation is usually only available when someone is convicted of a first-time DUI, but there are exceptions.

In most jurisdictions, including in Alpharetta, meetings with your probation officer usually take place once a month. As for needing to travel for work, we have had numerous clients in Alpharetta and travelling while on probation, whether for business or pleasure, has not often been an issue. Generally, when you are on probation for DUI, you are allowed to travel.

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