DUI: Snorting Chocolate

Question: I got into a car accident and the cop said I looked buzzed, and I told him that I wasn't drunk or on drugs, but I did snort a lot of chocolate. I've been snorting chocolate for a few months with friends and it does mess you up; it's like getting drunk or messed up on drugs.

When I told the cop that I was just inhaling chocolate, he made me do some tests outside my car and he arrested me for DUI and made me get a blood test. I mean, I was pretty messed up, but I hadn't been drinking and I don't think it's illegal to snort or eat chocolate.

I went out with some friends and we went to dinner and a couple of bars. I was the designated driver so instead of drink any alcohol, I just snorted the chocolate that I brought with me. It's really a chocolate powder. So they would have a cocktail or a beer and I snorted chocolate. I did more chocolate than I usually do, and I did feel pretty buzzed. The cop who showed up after the accident in Roswell said I seemed intoxicated. I told the cop that I might be intoxicated, but since it's from chocolate it doesn't count for DUI.

Everyone I know is snorting chocolate. It's a pretty mellow buzz that can sometimes be intense that's cheap and legal. I've always liked chocolate candy and now I enjoy it by putting it in my nose. It's just another way to enjoy the stuff. I will admit to you that on the night I was arrested I did more chocolate than I have ever done.

The cop didn't understand that snorting chocolate is legal, so he arrested me for DUI. Snorting chocolate feels like you're on an energy drink, but way more powerful. I never thought that from snorting chocolate I would need a Roswell DUI lawyer.

G.R. in Roswell, GA

Answer: Under Georgia law, you can be charged for and convicted of a DUI if you ingest any substance that makes you a less safe driver. This includes prescription medications, illegal drugs and, of course, alcohol. And if snorting chocolate causes someone to be a less safe driver, they can be charged with a DUI.

Snorting chocolate is becoming increasingly popular. To make it, chocolatiers grind cacao into dust-fine powder. And it's snorted, like cocaine, using fingernails, straws, or paper currency, among other methods.

It's being marketed as a dietary supplement and a major brand name is “Coco Loko.” As it gains popularity, there have been calls from politicians, including Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), for greater regulation. In fact, raw cacao powder can be easily purchased at stores and over the internet. Many federal, state and local law enforcement officials across the country worry that a large percentage of these purchases are not for the purpose of making edible chocolate treats, but rather are made simply to snort the product.

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