12 Key Points About Shoplifting: Georgia Shoplifting Attorney

As Roswell shoplifting lawyers we are asked many questions related to shoplifting. We thought it would be helpful to take a brief look at 12 key points about shoplifting here in the state of Georgia:

  1. Definition of Shoplifting: In Georgia, shoplifting is defined as the act of intentionally taking merchandise from a store without paying for it or attempting to do so. See O.C.G.A. § 16-8-14.
  2. Value Thresholds: The severity of the offense and potential penalties often depend on the value of the stolen merchandise. Georgia law categorizes shoplifting based on the value of the stolen items. If the amount is less than $500.00, it is a misdemeanor; if it is greater than $500.00, it is a felony under Georgia law.
  3. Misdemeanor vs. Felony: Shoplifting offenses in Georgia can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the circumstances. Misdemeanor charges typically apply to lower-value thefts, while felonies are reserved for higher-value thefts or repeat offenses.
  4. Penalties for Misdemeanor Shoplifting: Misdemeanor shoplifting in Georgia can result in fines of up to $1,000 and/or up to 12 months in jail, as well as other penalties.
  5. Penalties for Felony Shoplifting: Felony shoplifting charges in Georgia can lead to more severe consequences, including higher fines and prison sentences, especially for repeat offenders or cases involving higher-value items.
  6. Civil Penalties: In addition to criminal charges, individuals convicted of shoplifting in Georgia may also face civil penalties, such as restitution to the store for the value of the stolen goods and civil fines and fees.
  7. Retailer's Rights: Georgia law grants retailers certain rights when detaining suspected shoplifters. However, retailers must adhere to specific guidelines to avoid accusations of false imprisonment or other civil liabilities.
  8. Prevention Measures: Georgia retailers often employ various security measures to prevent shoplifting, including surveillance cameras, security personnel, electronic tags, and loss prevention strategies.
  9. Juvenile Offenders: Minors accused of shoplifting in Georgia may be subject to different legal procedures and penalties compared to adults. The juvenile justice system typically handles cases involving underage offenders, that is those 16 years of age or younger.
  10. Legal Representation: Individuals accused of shoplifting in Georgia have the right to legal representation. Consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney can help navigate the legal process and protect one's rights throughout the proceedings.
  11. Mental Illness and Depression: Shoplifting has been found to be correlated with mental illness and depression.
  12. It’s Rarely Not Done for Necessity: The vast majority of the time, people do not need the things they shoplift: for instance, they are not stealing food because they are hungry, or water because they are thirsty.

Local shoplifting attorneys

Understanding the intricacies of Georgia's laws surrounding shoplifting is essential for both merchants and consumers alike. By recognizing the key points discussed in this article, individuals can navigate potential legal and other issues with greater clarity and confidence. Whether it involves knowing the thresholds for misdemeanor versus felony charges, understanding the potential consequences, or seeking legal representation when needed, awareness of one's rights and obligations is paramount.

We are committed shoplifting lawyers dedicated to serving our community. We remain committed to providing guidance and support to those facing allegations of shoplifting or seeking recourse for their rights.

With a solid understanding of the law and access to skilled legal representation, individuals can better protect their interests and move forward with assurance in the face of legal challenges. So when you need a shoplifting lawyer, call us immediately!

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