Sexuality & Divorce: 8 Things to Know Now: Alpharetta Divorce Lawyer

Sexuality can be a complex aspect of any relationship, and it may play a role in the dynamics leading to divorce. As Alpharetta divorce lawyers we wanted to take a closer look at this important topic.

Here are eight ways in which sexuality can be interconnected with divorce:

  1. Intimacy Issues:
    • A lack of physical or emotional intimacy can strain a marriage. If partners are not on the same page regarding their sexual needs or if intimacy diminishes over time, it can contribute to dissatisfaction.

Differing sexual needs between partners can arise due to various factors, and it's important to recognize that each individual's sexual desires and preferences are unique. Here are some common reasons why partners may have differing sex needs: biological factors, past trauma, health issues, cultural differences.

  1. Infidelity:
    • Infidelity, whether discovered or suspected, is a common reason for divorce. Trust is often deeply affected when one partner engages in extramarital affairs.

Infidelity is often considered a significant issue in relationships as it can have profound emotional, psychological, and relational consequences. Here are some key reasons why infidelity is often seen as a big deal: breach of trust, impact on self-esteem, breakdown of intimacy, emotional pain.

  1. Sexual Compatibility:
    • Sexual compatibility is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. If there are significant differences in sexual preferences or desires, it can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Sexual compatibility is crucial in a romantic relationship because it contributes significantly to the overall satisfaction and health of the partnership. Sexual compatibility affects intimacy and connection, mutual well-being, and conflict resolution.

       4. Communication Breakdown:

    • Open communication about sexual needs and desires is crucial. A breakdown in communication around sexual matters may lead to misunderstandings and unmet expectations.
  1. Mismatched Libidos:
    • Differences in sexual desire or libido levels between partners can create challenges. One partner may feel neglected or the other pressured, leading to tension.

One spouse may want to engage in sex once a day, while the other partner is content to have sex every couple of months – often this conflict leads to huge problems.

  1. Sexual Health Issues:
    • Health issues affecting sexual function or satisfaction can impact a marriage. The emotional and physical aspects of a couple's sexual life are interconnected. We’ve seen erectile dysfunction lead to some real issues.
  1. Pornography Use:
    • Disagreements or discomfort around the use of pornography can be a source of tension in a relationship, potentially contributing to divorce if not addressed.

Porn addiction is becoming an ever-increasing problem. Some people need an almost constant porn “fix,” and this can be overwhelming for the other partner. When one spouse watches hours and hours of porn a day, this can lead to divorce.

  1. Sexual Orientation:
    • Sometimes, individuals may come to terms with their sexual orientation during a marriage. This realization can lead to a reevaluation of the relationship, potentially resulting in divorce.

As divorce lawyers we see this routinely. One partner “comes out” and that leads to shock and confusion for the other spouse. This is more common in the Southern United States, studies have found, as it is more culturally conservative so people will get married to “fit in” but, ultimately, they either “come out of the closet” or they have a secret life of gay sex partners.

Alpharetta Divorce Lawyer

It's crucial to recognize that issues related to sexuality are often intertwined with broader relationship dynamics, and they often lead to divorce. When the issues affecting a relationship reach a point where you need to move on, call us immediately. We are caring, experienced, and knowledgeable local family lawyers – and we are here to help you!

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