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Expungement of a Past DUI Charge

Question: I received a DUIin Georgia. Can I get an expungementof the DUI?

Answer: We often are asked about how to get a DUI charge expungedfrom a person's criminal record. Georgia DUI Expungements are usually only available for ‘mistakes’ regarding arrests. If the DUI case proceeds to trial, for instance, anexpungement for a DUI in Georgia can be quite difficult to obtain. It is always advisable to consult with expungement lawyers in Georgia whenever criminal charges are or may be brought by the State of Georgia.

A Roswell DUI attorney can potentially get your DUI charged expunged if the charge has been:

  • Dismissed
  • Nolle Prossed/ Nolle Prosequi
  • Dead Docketed
  • Marked “No Further Action Anticipated”
  • Marked “No Record on File”
  • Not Presented to the Grand Jury

On the other hand, your DUI charge is not eligible for expungement if the charge was resolved by a:

  • Guilty Plea
  • Not Guilty
  • Nolo Contendre
  • First Offender Act

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