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The Dangers of Mixing Pills, Alcohol and Ladies Tennis

Question: I was practicing the other morning with my ALTA team. After practice, at about 10:30 a.m., I and the other ladies thought we'd just have one drink. But instead of having our usual couple of wines we had a few Bloody Marys. Since I felt kind of buzzed I really knew I shouldn't be driving but my husband was at work. I love to stay current with all the news so I drove to Publix to get the National Enquirer, Soap Opera Digest and In Touch.

When I was coming home I got pulled over for weaving. I think messed up because I was reading a great article on celebrity babies not because of other stuff! The officer could tell I had been drinking because my speech was not the best. He didn't do those walk tests because I had a pedicure accident but I took a blood test. I'm worried that my alcohol level will be high and that my anti-anxiety pills and anti-depressants will be found. Do you think it looks worse that I drank and was taking pills which a doctor makes me take? They're prescriptions I got at a pain management clinic. My husband said he'd divorce me if I got another DUI.

Answer: It is more difficult to get aDUI charge reduced if a defendant tests positive for alcohol and drugs – and that includes prescription medication. The blood test will be conducted at the GBI lab. Usually, the lab will not test for drugs if the blood test indicates a per se level of alcohol (that is a reading above .08). So the pills may not be discovered. Also, generally speaking, an alcohol DUI will have less of an impact on your driver's license than a DUI for drugs.

You don't state how many DUIs you have. You do allude to a previous DUI. Punishments escalate for each DUI – i.e., a second DUI is punished more severely than a first, and a third more severely than a second, etc. Be aware that a 4th DUI within 10 years may be a felony.

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