"She doesn't drink; she only takes drugs"

Question: My daughter doesn't drink. I don't think she's ever gotten drunk. But she was arrested for DUI in Woodstock. She told me that she takes some drugs but she does not drink.

She said she uses oxycodone, pot and sometimes when she is short on cash she'll sniff glue. I used to do some drugs myself in the 1960's so I don't mind that she uses. My one rule is don't drink if you're going to drive. She explained to the Woodstock cop that she doesn't drink and that she'll just use some mellow drugs if she has too much school work.

She goes to college at Kennesaw State University where she is studying accounting. Her grades are good. She wants to be an actuary and work for an insurance company. She suffers from depression and anxiety.

So I'm wondering how she got a DUI if she wasn't drinking. I thought you had to be drunk to get a DUI. And she wasn't drunk.

So why was she charged with DUI if she did not drink?

O.R. in Woodstock

Answer: People who have not been drinking are charged every day with DUI. You can be charged with DUI-Drugs if you are a less safe driver because you have taken drugs. DUI is not just for alcohol.

When a police officer is told by a driver that he or she has ingested drugs (whether prescribed or not), the officer is likely to charge that motorist with DUI. And that is particularly true if a driver admits to using oxycodone, marijuana or inhalants like glue. All of them can make a person a less safe driver.

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