Bankruptcy: I Had to Quit My Job

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Question: My husband got fired and now we have so much debt. We need help to get out from under all the bills. We've been putting off bankruptcy but we know it's our only hope.

My husband was working for a financial company in Atlanta that helps people with investments and insurance products. His boss started complaining one day that not enough women worked at the company. His boss was the sole owner of the company. His boss said they had to hire more ladies or else they might lose some major clients.

His boss told him that just for a little while he wanted my husband to dress like a woman and wear make-up, dresses and high heels. My husband thought he was joking at first but the boss said he had to.

So my husband started dressing like a woman and bought some very expensive outfits to wear. After only a few weeks of this his boss asked him to start getting hormone treatments and to think about surgery to become a woman. The boss said he really liked Caitlyn Jenner and wished she could work at the business. He started calling my husband Caitlyn even though his real name is Frank.

When my husband told the boss that he would not get gender reassignment surgery, he was fired immediately. We have a lawsuit against his old company and his boss.

But our bills are not getting paid. Can we even file bankruptcy because he quit his job? What about the lawsuit?

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Answer: The fact that he quit his employment will not prevent him from filing for bankruptcy. It sounds like his situation was untenable and that he certainly made the right decision to leave.

Even if debt is due to quitting a job, getting laid-off or getting fired, bankruptcy is always an option. Now that he is not working he might be in a good position to file a chapter 7.

As for the lawsuit, all legal actions have to be disclosed for the bankruptcy court. We would need to speak with him to fully assess how the lawsuit might affect a potential bankruptcy. It might not have any impact.

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