Divorce & Mental Illness

Question:  My husband has threatened me.  He said that if I try to contest a divorce from him I won't be able to see my kids again because I have a mental illness.  He said that a judge will not let me see the kids because if you have a mental illness then you might hurt them.

I have tried to be a good mother and I'm never violent.  But I do battle depression and I take anti-depressant medication.  I have spent some time at Peachford and Ridgeview for my issues.

My husband said he found another girl and he wants to divorce me.  He said that if I just go along with it he'll send me some money for the kids and possibly buy me a house to live in.   

I don't work and he's a doctor with an office in Sandy Springs and in Buckhead.  I'm very worried that if I try to ask for alimony or child support he'll just take the children because of my illness.  I haven't worked in over 10 years although I have a Ph.D. 

Can he just take the kids because of my mental issues?

J.R. in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Answer:  Many millions of Americans suffer from mental illness.  Just because someone is suffering from a mental illness does not mean that they cannot see their children or even have full custody of the kids.  And you should certainly seek child support from him. 

The fact that you are taking prescription medication and that you are not violent will certainly help your case.  In fact, you should be commended for seeking treatment at Peachford Hospital and Ridgeview Institute.

We have handled many cases for child custodyalimony and child support for people who are battling mental illness.  In no way does having a mental issue mean that you are not a good parent or that you should be denied custody of your children.

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