I need a DUI lawyer in Sandy Springs

Question: I need a DUI lawyer in Sandy Springs. I was stopped by a police officer for speeding. I was 25 miles per hour over the speed limit, the cop said. I was speeding, but it was late and almost no one was on the road so I didn't endanger anyone else and I wasn't going really fast.

The cop asked me where I was coming from and I was honest and I told him dinner. He said it must have been a late dinner because it was about 2:00 a.m. I told him that after dinner I went to my girlfriend's house but we got into an argument so I left to drive home.

He asked me if I'd been drinking. I said I had a couple. He said he could smell alcohol and I told him it was because I dropped some wine on my shirt at the restaurant. He asked me what I drank and I told him just a couple of beers and some wine. Then he said I just changed my story because at first I never mentioned wine.

He asked me to do some field sobriety tests. I agreed and he looked at my eyes, made me walk in a line and he told me to hold up a leg and count. I think I passed the tests even though I have a bad back from the military.

I even took a breath test at the jail. My score was .145. I didn't think it would be that high. I know that's a pretty high number and you might think I was really drunk, but I just had a buzz.

What am I up against in Sandy Springs; what's the procedure?

A.D. in Sandy Springs, GA

Answer: Your DUI will be heard in the Sandy Springs Municipal Court, which is located off Roswell Road in an office park. The prosecution team is led by Bill Riley. Mr. Riley and his team of attorneys are called solicitors.

As DUI lawyers we do a lot of work in Sandy Springs and we need to do several things quickly, because Georgia law places some time constraints on your defense. We need to submit a "10-day letter" to the Georgia Department of Driver Services requesting a hearing for your driver's license; it's known as an administrative license suspension hearing (the "ALS").

And we need to start the discovery and investigation process by requesting the police report and the video of the incident, as well as all other evidence that the prosecutors have. Then we need to review everything very carefully.

Once all the evidence is fully reviewed, we can advise you of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Then we can make decisions as to how to best proceed with your defense.

Each court in the state of Georgia has its own "quirks" and ways of handling cases. Each court is, indeed, unique; no two are quite the same. Sandy Springs certainly has its own way of processing DUI cases. As veteran lawyers, we understand which tactics and strategies give our clients the best chance at a positive outcome.

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