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I don't want to be on probation for DUI in Alpharetta

Question: I got arrested in Alpharetta when I was driving home. I was at a restaurant and I was drinking but I didn’t feel drunk so I drove home and I got stopped by an Alpharetta cop who said I was speeding on Old Milton Parkway. I had a couple of beers and a margarita at Pure Taqueria and I wasn’t drunk. And I know everyone speeds a little on Old Milton Parkway.

I took the breath test and I got a .238. I wonder if that number isn’t too high for me. That means I was really drunk and I only felt like I had a good buzz.

I think that if you get a DUI in Alpharetta you need to be on probation, at least that’s what I’ve heard from my buddy who caught a drunk driving charge in the city. But I don’t want probation because I have to travel a lot for work and I don’t want to get into trouble if I smoke weed which I sometimes to for health purposes. I have arthritis that I think I got in the military and from playing tennis in college.

I’ve never gotten a DUI before and I’m pretty embarrassed. I haven’t been arrested before, except for a shoplifting charge about 20 years ago and that involved something that I put in my pocket and forgot about. But the cops, judge and prosecutor thought I stole it.

I’m just looking to find out if I need to be probation if I get a DUI charge in Alpharetta.

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Answer: Georgia law provides that you be on probation if you are convicted or plead guilty to a DUI. In Alpharetta, as with some other courts, there may be a chance for you to be placed on non-reporting probation after you have completed your other probationary requirements (paid your fine, completed community service, etc.).

It is uncommon, but we have seen it, that a court allows probation to end early. Probation may terminate after 3, 6 or 9 months. But that is rare, and in the Alpharetta Municipal Court probation lasts for one year for a first offense DUI.

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