WhatsApp, Cheating & Divorce

Question: I think my husband's cheating because he's using something called WhatsApp and I saw someone sending him explicit messages, I mean really sick stuff.

My husband left his iPhone out when he went to bed drunk the other night. The phone was on and when I went to plug it in for a re-charge I noticed that someone was sending him a message over something called WhatsApp. It appeared just briefly but I thought it was disgusting because it was obviously a sexually explicit text. I couldn't believe it. This person, a girl I have to assume although my husband could be bisexual, was sending him messages that involved sex, things I'd never even heard of.

I thought we had a great marriage. I mean sometimes he works late and doesn't get home until the next morning or he'll take a weekend away, but I always thought he was working or hunting with friends. I never thought he'd cheater.

When I confronted him about what I read, he said I must be wrong, that I was probably drinking and tired and that maybe the alcohol had a reaction with my anti-depressant medication. He said I was dreaming or hallucinating or I was crazy.

But I know what I saw and it involved something about oral sex and handcuffs and animal costumes. It was sick and I won't be a part of that.

Please tell me about WhatsApp and what should I do about it?

C.B. in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Answer: It's amazing how many divorce clients mention WhatsApp to us. WhatsApp is an extremely popular messaging app that offers its users a way to send encrypted messages to each other.

WhatsApp is a preferred way to communicate for people who don't want to be caught communicating. There have been many articles written by people who have used it to conduct affairs and by people, like private detectives and family lawyers, who help to expose marital infidelities.

While WhatsApp was developed to hide communications, it can also cause someone to get caught, like the person who gets busted by a spouse because of the beep of an incoming message.

Not surprisingly, various spy software has been developed to catch a WhatsApp cheater. With just minimal knowledge a person can access these spy features on the internet. Of course, these messages can provide potent evidence in a court battle.

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