I was arrested for shoplifting at the Perimeter Mall

Question: I was arrested for shoplifting at the Perimeter Mall over the weekend and I need help. I forgot that I had clothes in my pocket and I just left the store because I was in a hurry. When I walked out of the shop I was stopped by a security guard, who must have seen me leave, and they told me that I had merchandise in my pants.

I was embarrassed and it got worse when the Dunwoody police came and arrested me. They arrested me for shoplifting and I went to jail. I bonded out and now I’m looking for a good shoplifting lawyer.

I don’t have much of a record. I had a shoplifting charge about 12 years ago and I had a marijuana charge about 7 years ago. So it’s been a while since I got into any trouble. Now I work as an accountant in Dunwoody for a small firm and I’m worried about what will happen if my employer finds out about my arrest.

I make decent money so I don’t have to steal things. The value of the stuff in my pants was about $50.00. It was just a few small items, like socks and a tie. I would have paid for it if I hadn’t forgot about it and walked out of the store. I really didn’t need the socks or a tie.

Now I need a shoplifting attorney in Dunwoody who knows how the system there works. I don’t want a felony on my record because that will cause problems at work and in the future. Please tell me what to do about this shoplifting charge.

K.P. in Dunwoody, GA

Answer: As a Dunwoody shoplifting lawyer, I get these questions frequently. We see no reason to notify your employer of the arrest. Notifying your employer may only serve to get you into trouble, and it could possibly get you fired.

Your explanation that you “forgot” the merchandise in your pocket is not a legally helpful one and is unlikely to be believed by a prosecutor or a judge.

The good news for you is that the shoplifting charge is not a felony. It is a misdemeanor. Shoplifting of goods valued under $500.00 is a misdemeanor under Georgia law. As such, the case should be heard in the Dunwoody Municipal Court. We know the Dunwoody Municipal Court very well. We know the judges and the prosecutors and that helps to get the best dispositions for our clients.

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