My son was arrested for shoplifting

Question: My son was stopped and arrested for shoplifting at the North Point Mall in Alpharetta. I don't know why he would shoplift. He's in college, gets good grades and has a part-time job. He lives at home with us so he really doesn't have many expenses, and we don't even charge him for rent. We also pay for his car.

But he was arrested for shoplifting over the weekend and we don't know why he'd do that. We can't understand why he would steal some clothes that would have only cost him a little over $100. He has the money to buy them. Or if he asked us we would have bought them for him. But he tried to steal them.

We are worried about him because this isn't his first shoplifting charge. He went to college out of state for a year and also had a shoplifting charge against him.

Now we need a lawyer to help him in Alpharetta. He has a court date at the Alpharetta Municipal Court. We are looking for an Alpharetta shoplifting lawyer.

Why do you think he's shoplifting? What causes that behavior? I thought it was mostly women who shoplift.

G.R. in Alpharetta, GA

Answer: Men and women are equally likely to get arrested for shoplifting. Studies have shown no gender distinctions for shoplifting.

Sometimes a psychiatric disorder is related to shoplifting. Depression, but not anxiety, has been commonly linked to shoplifting. Generally, research has found two categories of shoplifters: (1) those who shoplift through rational choice and (2) those for whom shoplifting is a response to depression or leads to the fulfillment of some psychological needs. Either way, shoplifting is illegal, but understanding its cause in an individual can help prevent it from happening again.

We have helped many clients who have been charged with shoplifting, either for misdemeanor shoplifting (where the goods alleged stolen were less than $500.00) or for felony shoplifting, which involves stealing items with a value of over $500.

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