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I was arrested for shoplifting at the Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody, GA

Question: Unfortunately I was arrested for shoplifting at the Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody. I was with a friend and she talked me into stealing a shirt for her. She said she had a plan and that she’d really appreciate it if I helped her shoplift it. She said I’d never get caught because no one would ever notice what I was doing because she did it before and it worked for her. She said she stole a nice handbag, some shoes and a belt. It was a very pretty shirt for sure.

I did her plan and she waited in the car. But as I walked out I was stopped by store security and they called the Dunwoody police.

I wasn’t even going to keep the shirt because I was giving it to my friend. So I was wondering if I wasn’t even planning on keeping the shirt and it was really like a gift, then maybe that would be a good defense to the shoplifting charge. I don’t want a shoplifting charge because I want to be a doctor and I don’t think you can go to medical school if you are caught stealing or doing crimes. That’s why I’m writing to a Dunwoody shoplifting lawyer.

I’d really like to use the defense that since I wasn’t going to keep the shirt because I was planning on giving it to my friend, I shouldn’t be guilty of shoplifting. I’ve never shoplifted before and I won’t ever again. It was just a favor for a friend.

R.H. in Dunwoody, Georgia

Answer: There are certainly defenses to a shoplifting charge. However, that the object stolen was not for your person use but was meant as a gift is not a legal defense. It doesn’t matter what you intended to do with the shirt; it doesn’t matter that you were doing it as a favor for a friend. The fact that you tried to steal it is a criminal act under the laws of the state of Georgia.

It would be very helpful for us to know if you were charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. If the value of the shirt was less than $500.00, then you will be charged with a misdemeanor. If the shirt’s value is greater than $500.00, then you will be charged with a felony, a more serious crime.

With a felony charge you will have to appear in superior court. A misdemeanor charge in Dunwoody means that you would have the case heard in the Dunwoody Municipal Court.

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