I was arrested for DUI in Woodstock, Georgia, and I don't want jail

Question: I was arrested for a DUI in Woodstock and I took the breath test and I blew a .238. I know that’s really a high number and I was intoxicated, I’ll admit that. But I’m worried that I’ll have harsher punishments because my breath test was so high. I need to keep my job and my driver’s license so I’m worried that because I got this DUI I could lose my job if I have to go to jail for a long time. My boss said I’m alright but I better not be gone for long because he needs help.

This is actually my first DUI. It’s not my first arrest because I was busted in Alpharetta with pot a few years ago. But this is my first drunk driving charge.

I was stupid because I was visiting a friend and we were watching sports and I just had too much to drink. I had some beers and then whiskey. And I smoked a little pot, too. The policeman never asked about the weed.

I just wanted to drive home but I got lost because I was taking a new route and I hit a tree. I wasn’t hurt and my car just got dented. But someone saw what happened and called the Woodstock police.

The cops came, I admitted to having a couple of drinks and they arrested me. I don’t want to do serious jail time. What’s going to happen? I need a Woodstock DUI attorney.

G.M. in Cherokee County, Georgia

Answer: In situations like the one you describe, we’ve done very well at keeping our clients out of jail. We understand how intrusive and inconvenient jail can be and how it can cause the loss of a job and other bad things.

The fact that it’s a first DUI charge and that no one was injured in the accident is helpful in our negotiations with the prosecutors. That you had a breath test about three times the limit of .08 should not be disastrous to your defense. We always work hard to present our clients in the best possible light to the prosecutors and the judge.

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