I’m on Probation for Dui but I Need to Drink for Work

Question: I'm on probation in Alpharetta and I want to know if I can drink. I go out a lot for work and I really have to drink socially. My boss like to drink and he even owns a part of a brewery in Atlanta.

I sell software in Dunwoody and I take clients out for lunch and dinner and sometimes we to bars late at night. It seems like I'm always drinking wine or beer or a mixed drink. It's not like I get drunk, just buzzed. I need to do it for work.

I caught a DUI in Alpharetta on my way home to Cumming. The Alpharetta police officer stopped me on my short-cut. So instead of saving time I got arrested for drunk driving. I went to the Alpharetta jail and I went to court. I pled guilty and now I know I should have hired an Alpharetta DUI lawyer who probably could have gotten me a better deal.

Now I'm on probation and I don't want to lose my job. So I feel like I have to drink, if only every now and then and just a little bit of beer or wine on social occasions, nothing massive like when I was in college and had to go to rehab. Rehab did help, and now I drink much less.

I just need to know if I can drink while I'm on probation in Alpharetta.

V.N. in Cumming, GA

Answer: When you are on probation for DUI you are not allowed to drink. That would be a violation of your probation. If you are found by a judge to have violated probation, you can be sent to jail. A probation violation is initiated by your probation officer.

The fact that you feel like you must drink for work will not help your defense. Social drinking or drinking for work is not considered a viable “loophole” to the prohibition.

Certainly, we all know that some people drink while on probation. The body processes alcohol relatively quickly. But it is still a violation, and if you are caught, you run the risk of punishment.

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