Where do I file bankruptcy? How fast can I file?

Question: I can't take all the debt and the creditor harassment anymore. It's becoming way too much with all their calls. They've started calling my sister and my parents. I need to file bankruptcy now, and I don't want to wait. What's more, I just got served with a lawsuit and I'm worried about getting a wage garnishment.

The debt has been piling up over the years and now I can barely make my minimum payments on my credit cards, in fact this month I missed a couple of payments because I just don't have the cash to pay the mortgage and to pay the credit cards. So I know that if I go bankrupt things have to improve. My brother filed bankruptcy and said it was the best move he's ever made. He said it's changed his life for the better and that's why I need a Forsyth County bankruptcy lawyer.

I just used my credit cards too much for things like eating at nice restaurants, going to concerts and I had a bit of a gambling problem, so I blew cash in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and at some casinos in Mississippi.

I work in Atlanta for Coke and I live in Forsyth County. So I want to know what court I have to go to for bankruptcy and I want to know how fast I can file.

R.C. in Cumming, GA

Answer: Which court you go to for bankruptcy is determined by where you live. Bankruptcy is done in a federal court, and not every county in the state of Georgia has a federal courthouse. Indeed, the vast majority of Georgia counties do not have a federal courthouse.

Since you live in Forsyth County your bankruptcy case will be heard in the federal courthouse in Gainesville, GA. For people who reside in the counties of Cobb, Gwinnett, Fulton and DeKalb, however, they would attend bankruptcy court at the Atlanta federal courthouse. All courts handle chapter 7 and chapter 13 filings.

As for how fast you can file, that depends on how quickly you can get us the information we need to complete your bankruptcy petition. Some people get us the documents faster than others.

If necessary, we can file a "skeleton bankruptcy petition" for you. If we file a skeleton, which is a type of "bare-bones" petition that includes just a small fraction of the information required to be completed for a full petition, then you have a limited amount of time after we file to provide us with the necessary documents. People file a skeleton so that they can file rapidly and get a bankruptcy case number.

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