I need a bankruptcy lawyer to stop a foreclosure

Question: It’s been financially hard for me since I moved to Georgia. I thought things would be better here but financially things have not really improved and now I’m dealing with debt that I just can’t get rid of. And now I’m worried that I’m going to lose my house to foreclosure because I’m behind on my mortgage payments. I need to stop the foreclosure so I don’t lose the house.

I moved to Georgia from Florida because my sister and her family live in Cumming and I bought a home in Roswell. But since I’ve been living on my credit cards and haven’t had a full-time job in over a year, the bank has been threatening to foreclose. I’ve tried making some partial payments but the bank won’t accept them and they send them back to me. Also, I’m not proud of it, but I got arrested in Florida and I’ve been arrested here in Georgia, nothing serious just a little bit of marijuana, stuff that I started smoking when I lived in Colorado, where it’s legal.

Now I need a great Roswell bankruptcy lawyer to stop the foreclosure and erase my credit card debt. I need to start doing that as soon as possible so I don’t have to deal with all the stress of debt and the fear that the bank will take my house because I am 8 months behind on my mortgage. Please tell me when the foreclosure will happen and what I need to do. I will definitely move quickly.

R.R. in Roswell, GA

Answer: We need some more information to tell you the exact date when the foreclosure is scheduled. In the state of Georgia, foreclosure sales are only scheduled for one day each month. That is the first Tuesday of each month.

The good news is that we have stopped many foreclosures. The only way to stop a foreclosure is to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy. With a chapter 13 filing, you can have 5 years to repay all of the money you are behind on your mortgage. So, in your case, you can pay off your 8 months of mortgage arrears over 5 years.

And the bankruptcy filing can also include all of your debt. In your case, we can put all of your credit card debt into the bankruptcy as well.

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