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Just because I got arrested for shoplifting doesn't mean I'm a bad person

Question: Just because I got arrested for shoplifting doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. It doesn’t mean I’m a hard core criminal or anything like that. Because I’m not, and the shoplifting arrest was a mistake I made and that I won’t repeat.

I got arrested for shoplifting in Sandy Springs because I forgot I had some merchandise in my pocket and I forgot where it was. I’d been shopping all day at malls in Alpharetta and Dunwoody and in Atlanta and I bought a bunch of stuff and I guess as it got later I just got tired and forgot that I had something in my pocket. Now I need a Sandy Springs shoplifting lawyer.

When I walked out of the store and into the parking lot and was about to get in my car a security guard stopped me. I really didn’t know what he was talking about but then he asked what was in my pocket and I had it there. I felt pretty stupid and I felt like I was an idiot. But mostly I felt bad because the police came and I was arrested.

I was arrested for shoplifting once before but that was in California, when I lived there and went to college in Los Angeles. That was before I transferred to the University of Georgia about 15 years ago. I don’t think that charge is on my record, but I haven’t checked.

I just want to know what my options are for dealing with this shoplifting charge and what I should do about it.

N.A. in Milton, GA

Answer: Of course, just because someone is arrested for shoplifting doesn’t make them a bad person. We understand that. We have had many clients who were arrested for shoplifting who are great people.

If you are charged with shoplifting less than $500.00, then you are facing a misdemeanor under Georgia law. If the value of the merchandise is over $500.00, then you can be charged with a felony.

The first thing we do with a shoplifting case is to request from the prosecutor all of the evidence. We analyze the evidence and speak with the prosecutors about our client’s matter.

If you are charged with misdemeanor shoplifting in Sandy Springs, then your case will be heard at the Sandy Springs Municipal Court. A felony shoplifting charge will be heard in the Fulton County Superior Court.

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