I Got a DUI in Alpharetta, but I Live in Another State

Question: I can't be on probation for my Alpharetta DUI because I live out of state and I can't keep coming back to Alpharetta. I live in South Florida and I have a family and a job in transportation logistics that keeps me very busy, and I really don't have the time or money to keep returning to Georgia for probation.

I was charged with a DUI in Alpharetta because the cop said I was weaving or not staying in my lane and I got pulled over and the cop could obviously smell that I had been drinking. I went to dinner with one of our biggest customers and his wife and they are big drinkers and partiers.

I didn't lie or try to hide it, but I said I was driving to my hotel and it was about one minute from where he stopped me. Seriously, it's one minute from where I was pulled over to my hotel. The Alpharetta cop didn't let me go and follow me back to my hotel like I wanted him to.

He made me get out of my rental car and do the field tests; he looked at my eyes for a while and made me try to walk a straight line, which I can't really do when I'm sober because of a bad knee.

I finally took his breath test and he said it showed I was drunk and he took me to Alpharetta jail where I took another test.

Since I live in Florida I can't keep coming back to Alpharetta for the DUI probation so I need some guidance on how to handle the matter. Is there anything I can do because it's not cheap flying from Florida to Atlanta? I have to go to the Alpharetta Municipal Court in a couple of weeks.

S.A. in Miami, FL

Answer: We have helped many out-of-sate clients with DUI charges in Alpharetta. Many times we can negotiate with the prosecutor and have the prosecutor approve of a “call-in/write-in” probation. And then we make the request to the judge and the probation officer.

That enables our client to not have to come back to Alpharetta for probation. They just check-in with their probation officer over the phone and via the mail. They save a lot of time and money.

Many times a client can complete all of their probation requirements in the other jurisdiction and not have to do them in Georgia. They can complete community service, DUI School and other probation conditions in their home state.

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